A You need to pick a builder with expert knowledge, proven track-record and
experience you need to unlock your property's investment potential.

Duplex Builders

As Sydney continues to grow, something’s got to give.

With available land tighter than ever, homeowners are looking to get more from their blocks, with a significant number replacing older single homes with two new ones on the same site.

Known as duplexes, these typically sit side by side or one in front of the other, and have a common wall.

Archicentre general manager Cameron Frazer says “There’s an obvious value proposition around developing a piece of land, given continually increasing land values. It doubles the density on the land but potentially it can more than double its value by putting a second dwelling on it.”

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You need to pick a builder with expert knowledge, proven track-record and experience you need to unlock your property’s investment potential.

And we’re here to help.

We research the top duplex builders in Sydney, rate them and allow you to review them cutting down on the work you have to do to find the best.

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Unlock Your Equity

Duplex home designs give you the opportunity to unlock the equity you have in your house and land. With higher density living becoming increasingly acceptable, dual occupancy is providing a framework to maximise the investment in your property.

Imagine being able to remain in your community and build a new home and have an investment within the same land footprint. A duplex designed home gives you the opportunity to knock down your current dwelling and rebuild with a modern home reflective of your personal style.

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What is a Duplex?

Duplex’s, also known as dual occupancy allows you to live in one and rent the other or rent both as an investment.

A duplex consists of two attached dwellings on a single allotment of land.  You can then subdivide them into two saleable properties as either Torrens or Strata Title.

Top Rated Builder

Champion Homes




Champion Homes has for many years offered Australian working families looking to
build a new home the option of building a duplex on their land.


This is the first step in establishing your needs and a viable budget for your Duplex. A Champion Homes Design Consultant will help you with this important first step and together you will look at a range of factors in preparing your brief and budget including:

  • The size and orientation of your lot
  • Which way you land falls i.e., to the street or the rear
  • The width of your lot
  • Your lifestyle
  • Parking requirements
  • Quality of inclusions in the Duplex
  • The size of the Duplex and number of rooms
  • Impact on neighbouring properties
  • Viable budget for your duplex
  • Zoning of your lot

Having a well prepared brief will help the Champion Homes Design Consultant assess your Duplex requirements against the requirements of your local council for Duplex Construction in the local council area.

Once the Champion Homes Design Consultant has determined that Duplex construction is possible on your lot Champion Homes will move to the next step.